The Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA) Means:

The Remedy For The Small Business Crisis in NYC.

The SBJSA is a law currently being debated by the City Council. It will support and protect every small business that rents commercial space in NYC — retail stores, dentists, working artists, small manufacturers, accountants, etc. — by requiring:

1) Right to a lease renewal; 2) Right to a 10-year renewal lease term (to tenants in good standing); 3) Binding arbitration to establish a rent increase that is reasonable for both landlord and tenant; 4) Inclusion of all commercial tenants (not limited to storefront/retail).

The SBJSA supports and protects small business by creating a fairer commercial lease renewal process.

It’s NOT commercial rent control.

New York City has a History of Commercial Rent Regulation.

NYC had commercial rent regulation from 1943 until it was allowed to expire in 1963. It withstood legal challenges over and over again —

If anyone says the SBJSA and commercial rent regulation has “Legal Problems” —

Read the SBJSA Legal FAQ

The debate on the SBJSA is happening Right Now.

Contact your City Council Member and tell them to support the SBJSA and protect small businesses in New York City.